Labrador Retriever German Shepard Mix Dog – Denver Pet Photographer

Pet Photographer?

Ha! Hardly!! I have no idea what tricks work when photographing dogs but thankfully this one is ours, so we had a bit of time to capture him at 12 weeks old. My 5 year old thought the whole process was a riot!

Meet Mars

Adopted through the Mile High Labrador Retriever Mission on April 21st. My first dog, ever. And our first family dog. I may be a bit biased but he seriously has the best personality. More than a few people have commented on that.

Mars is 1/2 Labrador Retriever and 1/2 German Shepard. He also has 1/2 of a tail. The rescue doesn’t believe it was abuse as no other puppy in his 15 pup litter is missing part of their tail, they believe maybe one of his litter mates might have gnawed on it when they were first born. It suits him well. I’ve dubbed him “Mistfit Mars” and you can find him on Instagram

Mars is not a fan of peanut butter, loves belly rubs, always sleeps under my desk when I edit, loves his people (especially his little person), caught on to going potty outside real quick! and overall a fantastic dog.

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