Amurtel Greece Refugee Mothers & Babies

Amurtel Greece for Refugee Mothers and Babies

Closer to the end of our trip, we got to stop by and see the new apartment set up for refugee mothers and babies.

Per their Facebook page, Amurtel Greece for Refugee Mothers and Babies states,

Amurtel is a global disaster relief and development organization managed by women, specifically for the needs of women and children.

Amurtel Greece Refugee Mothers Babies

Our focus in the current refugee population is mothers and babies as well as pregnant and birthing women. This highly vulnerable group is greatly affected by the lack of stable shelter, culturally familiar food and emotional support. The Amurtel staff are women trained in the care of mothers and infants. We go regularly to the established camps in the Athens area and offer help with breastfeeding, infant care, postpartum care of new mothers and assistance during birth if necessary. We attempt to provide infant and mother care supplies that are as close as possible to what mothers are used to in their own countries. Midwives also continually search for ways of being emotional supportive in an appropriate cultural context.”

Greece Apartment

The apartment begin set up less than a month before we arrived. Previously, they had been running out of two RVs that were set up near the ports. Since the clearing of the ports, they needed a new space. Now, in their new apartment, they had ready a room for check-in and waiting. There is a playroom area for siblings, nursing area and help with lactation, kitchen, and relaxing area for mothers.

In one of the rooms, the midwives had set up an examination table with a newly donated ultrasound machine. The bathroom also had a baby washing area set up, as in many camps or squats, taking a bath or washing isn’t the easiest or readily available.

All material was written in English, Arabic, and Farsi, including information about the area, signs to know, how to get around, important nursing and infant information, along with a weekly updated posting reporting on and debunking any concerns heard in the area.

The space was calm and quiet. The midwives were very welcoming and always smiling. When we arrived a few children were playing while their pregnant mother was receiving care and another mother was nursing her small child in a separate space. There’s a sense of hope here knowing that there’s a safe space to be cared for.

You can find them on Facebook to like their page and follow their progress.  Also on their FB is a link to make a direct donation to support their work with mothers and babies.

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