Michael B. Hancock joins Q&A after Project Ñ Screening

Recently Denver’s Mayor, Michael B. Hancock joined a Q&A with Denise Soler Cox, co-founder of Project Ñ, after the screening of the documentary Thursday night at Isabella Bird Elementary School, the kick off event for Brave Coalition.

Brave Coalition

The screening was put on by the Brave Coalition. An outreach “using outreach, partnership, and advocacy as catalysts for cultural transformation, the Brave Coalition inspires and enables individuals and communities to create a world free from limiting stereotypes so that all children regardless of gender, race, class, age, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, or circumstance can reach their full potential.”

Project Ñ

Per their website, “Project ñ is an unorthodox, multi-platform documentary project about first-generation American-born Latinos that uses cultural and familial stories to build community among this large and growing population. Each week, the filmmakers pre-release these documentary stories to their audience via multiple formats, including 3-5 minute video micro-docs, podcasts, blogs, social media and live community presentations. Each micro-doc showcases intimate, unscripted ñ stories and commentary that touch on topics ranging from identity and language to family and assimilation. Although story details vary, each segment reveals commonalities about the shared ñ experience in America that collectively defines this generation one story at a time.”

Press Release

“Project ñ is a multimedia documentary project focused on telling the stories of first generation American-born Latinos who have at least one parent from a Spanish country (Enyes). There are approximately 16 million Enyes in the United States. The Ñ Experience and screening, is an engaging presentation that combines a screening of the documentary “being ñ” infused with directors’ cut-style commentary from the film’s star and co-director Denise Soler Cox, offering viewers a unique perspective on the film and an unforgettable live experience. Denise leads the audience on a powerful journey of cultural self-discovery and personal reflection. The result is a heartfelt, humorous and interactive experience that offers audiences a refreshing perspective on how to talk about culture the feelings we all share around acceptance.”

What is Ñ?

“An “ñ” is a first-generation American-born Latino who has at least one parent from a Spanish-speaking country.”


Be sure to check out Hans Rosemond’s image of the Mayor and Denise from his portrait set-up at the event.


Screening of Project Ñ

audience watching Project Ñ ScreeningDenise Soler Cox speaking at screening of Project ÑProject N Screening

Commander Ron Thomas of the Denver Police Department listening to Denise Soler Cox, founder, of Project Ñ

shawn johnson city and county of DenverMichael B Hancock Denise Soler CoxMichael B Hancock during Q&A with Denise Soler Cox

Michael B. Hancock during a Q&A with Denise Soler Cox, founder of Project Ñ

Michael B Hancock during Q&A with Denise Soler Cox

Denise Soler Cox wrapping up a Q&A with Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock.



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