American We photographer Hans Rosemond at Project Ñ screening

American We photographer Hans Rosemond was at the screening of Project Ñ, sponsored by the Brave Coalition, to capture some portraits of the individuals involved, including Denver Mayor, Michael B. Hancock and Project Ñ founder, Denise Soler Cox.

Hans Rosemond

Hans Rosemond, of Hans Rosemond Photography, is a Denver based photographer focused on portraits, headshots, weddings, and athletic photography. He is also a contributor and writer for Fstoppers.

American We

Recently, Hans began a project called American We, shooting portraits on medium and large format film. From Hans on the American We website, “American We was born out of frustration. America has become a country divided, not only by politics, but by prejudices. The definition of an “average American” has remained stagnant while the makeup of our country has evolved to the point of being unrecognizable by yesteryear’s standards. It’s time to open a new conversation.

American We is ultimately the story of people. It is a portrait series with no definitive end date. In it, I found people living in this country and asked them about their hopes, dreams, and fears for our country. My hope is that by displaying honest, open portraits of “normal” Americans, coupled with their own words, we can gain a deeper insight into this country. And perhaps we may discover why we love it all over again.”

Project Ñ

Hans was set up to capture some of the attendees after the recent screening of Project Ñ in Denver, Colorado. Here is his image and a little behind the scenes with Mayor Michael Hancock and Project Ñ founder, Denise Soler Cox.

Check out more photos from the event and the Q&A with the Mayor, here.

michael hancock denise soler cox hans rosemond photography

Founder of Project Ñ, Denise Soler Cox with Denver Mayor, Michael B. Hancock.

Image by Hans Rosemond Photography


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