A child’s first SLR camera

I’ve had these three boxes of film laying around for years. I can never bring myself to throw them out. Most of the film expired between 10-15 years ago. A lot of Portra, some Kodak, Fuji, Tmax, and a few junk ones. What to do with all of this film. It was time for my child’s first SLR camera!

A child’s first SLR camera

My daughter has been allowed a camera since she was about 12 months old. She’s has had umpteen million “durable” kids cameras that break in a week, a couple of point n shoots (We love this one), use of cell phones, couple of holgas, her own polaroid, but it was time to trust her with something that felt more “professional”.

Nikon film camera

At 5 years old she is shooting with a Nikon F100. It has a 50mm lens attached, set on aperture priority with center focus. Right now, the lessons are finding something interesting to capture, how to focus before taking the shot, and framing. While I am biased, I think for 5 years old these are pretty damn good.

pineconesBlossoming tree at Washington Park, Denver, Colorado

Blooming tree at Washington Park

garden gnomespring flowersfairy door in tree bark

Backyard swing


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