A warm desert evening in Joshua Tree National Park

….. catching the colors of sunset.

Mojave Desert

I left the Mojave Desert in 1996, vowing to never return. The only thing I missed over the years were the colors. Sunrises and sunsets over the vastness of the desert are beautiful and magical. Joshua Tree offers a huge “giant’s playground” of rocks, and is quickly becoming a climbing mecca for rock climbers.

Springs rains bring a unique, although brief, natural fresh smell. The fall and winter sky colors are amazing, but, DO.NOT.GO during the summer. It.is.BRUTAL! The heat can literally suck the life out of you from the inside out.

Returning to the desert

Recently, my little assistant and I got the opportunity to photograph the newborn daughter of a childhood friend of mine who lives there. They’ve visited Colorado a couple of times, and taken Miss M and I out rock climbing during their visits. Miss M adores them!

I was hesitant to return, but excited to show my child the desert. She later stated that if she ruled the world, she would, “Make sure there was some kind of grass that could grow in the desert”. 😉

All of these images were taken over the span of about 45 mins. The sun sets quick and fast, with the last 15 minutes being brilliant!

Beautiful, warm 90 degree day, in October.

Joshua Tree ParkJTMPCalifornia Joshua Tree National ParkJoshua Tree National Parksunset in the desert

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