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I use to joke that if this child was born with brown eyes she’d never be photographed since I wouldn’t be able to photograph them. Dark brown eyes are the hardest for me, as I struggle in making sure I get some great catchlights. But now I can’t imagine anything else looking back at me…… […]

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  • Marlo - I love the sweater – where did you get that? And I love her hair softer rather than wetter looking…(I think at this age I am more a fan of “frizzy mess” than curls) I saw when I was styling my son’s hair at the time, that I liked it more controlled, but when I look back at the photos I wish I hadn’t done that for some reason. It’s so weird how you view your own, and then how that changes too.
    And her eyes are beautiful!! I like the black and white image. It works really well to soften the image a bit. Glad to hear it is so much harder to shoot your own child. I beat myself up about that a lot. You have to hold a lot more sessions to get a few good ones I find. And it helps to have dad around to manage a bit.
    And then there is the feeling you are experienceing thier lives through a lens for special moments rather than just being there for the moment, real, and not behind the camera. You know, you get a special smile, and you pick up the camera to capture it and when they can’t see you … the smile fades instantly. That gives me a message. And I guess that is why you keep cleints so long!
    It’s a very special learning process about yourself, I feel, having a child. And when you have another, it starts all over again!! it’s such an awesome experience. Truly awesome.ReplyCancel

  • rachelkemble - Hi Marlo!

    I think I got that sweater at Target last year, maybe? I was pregnant and didn’t know what I was having yet when I bought it. Although I had no inclination that the baby was going to be boy, I thought those colors would look well on (and photograph well!) a baby that I was imagining.

    Motherhood truly is awesome and every day is a learning experience! She absolutely fulfills what I never really knew I was missing. Since having her there have been quite a few moments of self reflection, learning about myself, desiring to do and be better for her. I don’t believe that a partner or companion can “complete” a person. One should already be confident in who they are and be compliments of one another. But I do believe children can “complete” a person more in the fact of living on and growing up in contributing and giving back to society. And hopefully their own kids one day or any type of mentor/parent roles. If that makes any sense….ReplyCancel