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  • “You are truly amazing!!!  I was so worried that the chaos of the day/moment would come through in the photos.  It seems that I had absolutely NOTHING to worry about.  I’m crying “happy tears” just looking at the photos.  We are in great care in your hands and we will be trusting all of our precious memories to you in the future….. Again, I apologize that you had to work in the middle of that situation….. The beauty is that even thorough all that, you were able to capture the love that my husband and I feel for each other and for our sweet (daughter)….Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your gift and talent of photography with our family.  I can’t wait to see you capture (our daughter) as she grows.” – Ali V.


  • They are absolutely incredible.  Amazing work.  You have the incredible ability to create technically great photos while capturing the emotions…somehow, the soul of a person. Wow.  I am really speechless with this group.  They are absolutely amazing. Thank you so much.” – Marlo


  • Rachel, I’d like to say, “We got lucky” when we found you. But as I’ve continued to work with you on behalf of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, I soon learned that it wasn’t luck – it was destiny.While you are undoubtedly talented in capturing images of children that have the power to take ones breath away, we gave you a daunting task of capturing not only the personality of our 2010 Ambassador Kids, but asked that you sensitively shed light on their journeys with cancer. Your photos now don our 2010 marketing materials and are the compelling first impression people are given when visiting recall first seeing the images from the first shoot – my mouth dropped. I couldn’t scroll through them quickly enough and I proceeded to have a personal party in my office. Words can’t capture a child’s journey with cancer, but you, Rachel Kemble, you’ve proved  to the world that you can. And you did so, photo shoot after photo  shoot. On behalf of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, our volunteers and the families we serve, thank you for capturing the true essence of St. Baldrick’s in your photographs. You’ve captured the resilience of these kids and the hope they have that someday a cure will be found. Thank you. – Rachel B.


  • Voted Nickelodeon’s Best Denver Family Photographer for 2009!


  • Merry Christmas to you too! I have to tell you, I have never, ever had such an overall reaction to a Holiday card as we did with yours this year. (most people swear it is their favorite) Even tons of guys comment on it to my husband which is quite unusual. I give you all the credit of course! -Misty


  • I wanted to send along a note of deep gratitude and thanks for the pictures. They were as phenomenal as I had envisioned, and there served as the PERFECT Christmas gift for Heather. They arrived on time, they were of outstanding quality, and they were everything I had hoped and dreamed they would be. Christmas morning was brightened for us all when they were opened, and your pictures brought tears to our eyes once again. For that, I am beyond grateful and would welcome the opportunity to say thanks and to return the favor (if at all possible). You have a remarkable talent Rachel… those pictures, I can’t really describe in words. What I can say is this: Your view of my daughters as caught through the lens of your camera will be a treasure I enjoy for the rest of my life, an for that I can’t thank you enough. Happy holidays Rachel, and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future! – Bryan D.


  • “ps- I should let you know that I have gotten tonz of calls (especially from the in-laws & parents) and emails about the announcements – everyone loves them. Even my brother who’s a 40 year old man said in all the baby announcements he has seen, it’s by far the best.” – Jamie S.


  • Rachel is a photographer and a person of the first order. Her work clearly speaks of someone that knows her craft, just as her personal life reflects a woman of extremely fine character and compassion. To accurately reflect how good Rachel’s work is: Rachel is my wife’s favorite photographer — not her own husband. That certainly tells me all I need to know. – Bobby A.


  • I was impressed with Rachel from the moment we met her, when she explained that the spiky hairdo she was sporting was the result of shaving her head for cancer research. She immediately connected with our three year old daughter and easily managed to bring out her personality as they talked and she snapped away. My delight continued when I saw the proofs and couldn’t believe how amazing they were! My little girl looked beautiful in every picture… it was so hard to narrow them down and choose which ones to buy. It was such a great experience from start to finish, and I’m glad we chose such a special person to capture these priceless images. – Carrie G.


  • Rachel – I love how much you’re willing to contribute to others through your work… it’s such positive energy that you give and it’s contagious! With so many people struggling right now in so many ways, I think often, people become “constricted” and are afraid to give, lest they lose something….. yet it is in giving that we both gain and share the most of ourselves with the world–thank you for all you do in giving! – Angie P.


  • Rachel Kemble is a fantastic photographer! She has a very creative eye and is capable of capturing those special moments that you might miss otherwise. We have her photography displayed in our business, Belly Bliss, and refer clients to her all the time as we are confident in her work and her professionalism and demeanor. I would recommend using Rachel Kemble for your photography needs, especially for your family and during pregnancy. – Deb M.


  • Thanks a million!  You have brought Philip and I so much joy through our entire pregnancy and birth experience.  You have captured the moments and memories we will treasure for years and years to come.  I can’t tell you how much I love showing off the gorgeous images of our family.  It’s so fun for me to continually be reminded and also to provide our close family and friends with a glimpse of all that we have been blessed with.  Your incredible talent and love for children has enriched our lives and has brightened our home. – MaKayla


  • Rachel has a calm, gentle style that made me, my husband, and our girls feel comfortable. She lets the session flow and grabs the best shots at the most unexpected times. Best of all, she made my grumpy three year old look like an angel. She definitely has a gift! – Mandi S.


  • Rachel did a beautiful job capturing the sweet moments of our newborn daughter. As a first time mommy, Rachel made me feel very comfortable during our photo session while (our daughter) took some time to herself for a good cry. We absolutely love our photos of (our daughter)! Thank you for creating a beautiful memory for us. – Cindy B.


  • Hi Rachel, Your website and photography is beyond words. I experienced so many different emotions viewing the slide shows . . . one word . . . “absolutely beautiful!” . . . . ok, maybe two words. I used to live in Denver and still have friends (with kids) there. I’ll be sending them a link to your website. – Paul


  • Rachel is a gifted artist, advocate and business woman. Her work is recognized as one of the Denver’s premier maternity and birth photographers. She is approachable and makes her clients feel beautiful and comfortable. Rachel’s further work and passion in support of Breast Cancer research, confirms the heart behind the camera. Sweet Pea Baby Planners is grateful that Rachel has shared her work for our website; the photography is what has made the site notably beautiful. – April


  • Dear Rachel thank you for playing an important of my 2009. Taking the calendar pics of Joe & I for Beyond Boobs really helped an healing that I didn’t know I needed healing. Thank you for the work you do! hugs, Charlene


  • “I’ve been trying to think of the perfect words to describe how much (we) appreciate the work that you do…but I guess this is one time that I’m SPEECHLESS!!!!  To say that you and your camera are amazing, fantastic or awesome is an understatement! (Our son’s) pictures are INCREDIBLY PHENOMENAL!!!  The number of compliments we have received on the pictures is unbelievable!  From family and friends to the checkout person at the store that happens to catch a glimpse of him in my wallet, the response is ALWAYS the same…”How adorable…who was your photographer?” From start to finish you were fabulous!  (We) were a bit nervous about how (our son) would ‘perform’ considering he was the typical teething, cranky, shy, one year old but you were able to bring out the best in him and ease our minds!  When we saw the final outcome we were completely blown away!! Rachel, you made us feel SO special!  You are a marvelous photographer and a true professional!  We can’t wait to see you and your camera again!!!” Sincerely, Tonya


  • “Our newborn session with Rachel was outstanding! She was extremely flexible with the early arrival of our daughter and graciously accommodated our schedule. During the session, Rachel showed unbelievable patience. Her honest nature and creative focus made our session a memorable, fun experience. She quickly posted the prints and her follow through has been remarkable. Rachel even rushed a few prints in time for a baby welcoming party we hosted a few weeks after our daughter’s birth. The results of her work were outstanding and far exceeded our expectations. The soft lighting, quality of mounted prints, and her ability to capture the spirit of a newborn resulted in amazing photographs. We look forward to many more sessions with Rachel as our daughter grows and would recommend her to anyone who values photos as works of art.” – Jennifer L


  • “Rachel provides a loving and fun, creative environment for our baby during photo sessions. Her mobile studio is perfect for our needs, because our busy lives make it hard to leave the house. I get rave reviews from family and friends on our photos, and I’m so proud to display them. There’s no standard “studio” look or snapshots here – everything is custom to our lives and our little boy!” – Priscilla O


  • “1 year old twins can be a challenge to photograph! However, throughout the shoot, Rachel remained so very patient, friendly, and flexible! Her images are unique- anything BUT the traditional, regular stuff that you see everywhere. Possibly her biggest strength is her ability to really listen to the clients wants/needs and her sincere willingness to satisfy her customers. Can’t wait until she gets back to NY for another shoot!” -Faye B.


  • “Rachel, you have an amazing eye and skills beyond belief. You have captured the roller coaster ride of emotions that makes Comfort Zone Camp special. We had tears in our eyes – and we are seasoned staffers! No other photographer has been able to do what you have done. Thank you for giving up your entire weekend for CZC.” – Wendy O


  • Your work is so clean and beautiful….i love how pure if feels, very fitting for a child… – Joey K.


  • “Rachel was great! She was so flexible in scheduling time to come to the house – knowing that the kids have a nap schedule we like to stick to…and she was so easy. She took some time getting to know my 3 year old who can be weary of new people but she took to Rachel instantly. We had a great time doing it, too. We have never taken the kids to one of those photo places – and I didn’t want that kind of staged look. Instead, our photos were done in natural day light, and the kids were themselves. We had a chilly day but still managed to get outside for some photos. Overall, it was a great expereicne and I can’t wait to do it again!” -Meredith C.


  • “I have had the pleasure and privilege of not only working with Rachel, but have had her photograph my family as well. I have seen her photography of children who were undergoing some difficult times and she has consistently been able to capture their courage and spirit despite their adversity. She is able to see things inside of us that we don’t always realize are there. Rachel took holiday photos of my children last year on an abnormally warm November day in NY. A portion of the photos were taken on the beach with my girls is full length dresses, barefoot, and hysterically laughing as they ran into and out of the surf. The pictures captured the freedom of childhood at its very best and brought me to tears the first time I looked at them. A storyboard collection of some of these photos has a place of honor in our home. This past April, Rachel took photos at my daughter’s Communion party. This milestone event was all the more special because it was the last family gathering to include my mother, who passed away 4 weeks later. The family photos of my daughter with both of her grandparents are a treasure we will have forever. Furthermore, Rachel took a photo of my parents dancing to celebrate their 40th anniversary. The look of love on their faces communicated through the picture speaks volumes. I could go on forever in praise of this remarkable individual. I feel lucky to know such a talented artist and am confident that any child fortunate enough to pass in front of her lens will have the very best of themselves shine through.” – Jenn T.


  • “We had photos done of our newborn and 2 year old and couldn’t have had a better experience! Rachel was extremly patient, even when both were in tears, and even came back for a second shoot when we couldn’t get all the photos in one session. The pictures turned out beautiful and brought us tears when we viewed them because they captured our children so wonderfully and in the way that we wanted!” – Sonia S.


  • “Rachel’s work is . . . WOW!? We wanted something extra special to capture our little pink bundle that came home and Rachel delivered even more. She has such a fun loving spirit that warmed up our shy toddler as she showed him all about her camera, taking a shot here or there. When we saw the proofs we couldn’t believe how just a simple snapshot seemed to be, speaking volumes about his personality in one little look. And the pictures of our infant are a treasure, quite unique just in their style. In shopping for frames I had several people stop and compliment me on the pictures as they passed by. And when we put our house on the market, our realtor and home stager said, “Those are no ordinary family photos, you need to leave those up and on display. They are gorgeous.” So when the time came to move out of state and leave my special group of friends, we hired Rachel to come take some “documentary style” photographs of our group. She’s not just for children! She’s just got a special touch.” – Darby U.


Monday, April 28, 2008
(Editorial Note: I may not be the Mom In the Know, but I felt compelled to write this particular review. The story below will explain why, and I hope you enjoy.)
Many have said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Many more believe it to be true. We believe a picture can be worth so much more, and if you are lucky enough to see the pictorial art of Rachel Kemble, you will understand just how powerful a picture can be.

Several weeks ago, my wife called me at work and was very excited, for a call from a local photographer had come in concerning a desire to do business with Like many parents, we find great joy in pictures of our family, but the often high cost of getting professional photos can be a hard pill to swallow. From time to time, we would piece together a few bills and find a local photographer to take pictures that fit our budget. Whether it was the selection of setting or limiting the number of pictures we purchased, there was always sacrifice to insure we got pictures we would love but that would come at a reasonable cost.

Rare was the occasion when I left the experience fulfilled. I always battled the overwhelming feeling that I was cheating my family and myself, that I was letting the treasures of these years slip by without the pictures that would remind me of just how wonderful this time has been. Granted, technology today can help. Digital cameras work wonderfully and allow anyone to take quality pictures without being a pro, but there is a noticeable difference in those photos and pictures taken by a professional with an artistic gift

And that is when Rachel stepped into our lives.

Rachel Kemble had connected with my wife as a local photographer specializing in the subject of youth. Birth, infants, toddlers, children, and families have all served as targets for Rachel’s work and she felt would be a perfect partner to showcase her work and talents. Not long after their initial meeting, Rachel and my wife met and hit it off famously. Rachel was a wonderful and vibrant woman, excited about the opportunity to work together and even more excited to meet and photograph our children. They had decided to meet and take the kids to an outdoor shoot where our girls, rambunctious, energetic, and curious, could be children and could be free to roam and show their true colors… for that’s what Rachel does best.

Unfortunately, as a working man, I was unable to attend and simply let my wife run her business. However, just as the memory of the pending arrival of the pictures had started to recess into my mind, I got an email from my wife with a link. Rachel had posted the pictures on a secured area of her site and we were given access to review.

I waited to get home so that my wife and I could review the pictures together, and it still remains difficult to put those emotions into words. Rachel and my wife had taken the girls to a local property that once served as a dairy farm. The old building was there, the grass in the area was rich with colorful flowers, and there were a few old pieces of farm equipment on the property. The overall feel might be best described as rustic, and the girls were set free to play. They jumped in puddles, explored the old equipment and the flowers, and enjoyed a wonderful time in the summer sun… and somehow, Rachel managed to capture it all in stunning pictures that reflected their joy, both in the surroundings and with each other.

I’ve seen many pictures of my children, but I’ve never seen pictures like this. It’s difficult to describe, but if it were possible to capture the sheer love and happiness of youth, mix it with the reflection of my wife and I, and put it in a picture of the two most beautiful creatures you could ever imagine might exist… that’s what I felt I was watching at the website presented the pictures. It was difficult to hold the tears. The memories of fleeting youth, the uncensored adoration for our children and the magnificence of the blessing they have been in our lives, the all too intoxicating happiness of the moment, all captured on film in pictures that defy description, was overwhelming.

I visited the site over and over again, for days after the initial email I would go and spend time with each and every picture Rachel took, and all I can say is this: She is an unbelievably talented photographer, and she has given me a gift for which I could never pay enough.

This last Christmas, I realized my wife and I had not officially purchased any of the pictures. I believed my wife and Rachel had agreed to meet at some point and work out the details of purchases and the review for TheMomIntheKnow, but with the holiday just around the corner, I didn’t want to wait. I contacted Rachel via email just two weeks before Christmas, and her response was both fast and friendly. Rachel took my order and rushed the processing of a handful of matted pictures to me. Thanks to Rachel, I got some of the most beautiful photos of my children I have ever been lucky enough to own, I had time to get proper frames, and was able to present them to my wife on Christmas morning.

Rachel Kemble runs a wonderful website that demonstrates some of her latest work and allows customers to review her portfolio, contact Rachel with questions, review the process for reserving time with Rachel and her camera, and order photos and other products Rachel provides (including jewelry, books, postcards, DVDs, various artistic mediums, and other product). You can read all about Rachel, her experience, and her offerings. Rachel is also available for freelance work and can handle any job you might have that requires the touch of a gifted artist. Everything you could want is there and much more, easy to navigate and use, and Rachel is outstanding in returning messages and getting your needs filled in quick order.

Make sure you check out Rachel’s “Artist” link, where she updates us on the events of her life. Not only is Rachel an artist, but she is an advocate and contributor to worthy charities and cause. Rachel recently raised over $2,500 for the St. Baldricks Organization, the world’s largest volunteer-driven fundraising event for childhood cancer research. Rachel is one of a growing number of participants who have shaven their heads in the name of the cause, asking friends and associates to donate money for this superb effort against one of the most concerning ailments that plague our youth.

More than anything, Rachel is an artist and has a gift to share with the world. For those of us lucky enough to have children, she is nothing short of a miracle.


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