Denver Baby Photographer

Denver Newborn Baby Photography

Love love love newborn baby photography sessions. While they can be the longest session, depending on infant, they are full of sweet snuggles and kisses for the new mother and father. While you may be exhausted, the protection of and love for such a small being shows through.

Infant sessions can be done in the convenience of your own home or at a studio. On-location or sessions at your home, allows opportunity to use items unique to you and your family. A green velvet chair, the crib that grandpa made. While being at a studio not only may be your first trip out of the house since having the baby but also a nice, relaxing environment and control with props, boxes, and bowls to use.

Infant sessions are best if you can try to capture them within the 1st 2 weeks of birth. If possible, contact me while you’re still expecting to schedule your newborn session date. Even if you already have your new little love, there’s still good wiggle room to book a session and capture how tiny they are.

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